It’s just another Wednesday night in the cramped bonus room above the garage in his Mom and Dad’s North Raleigh house, and Daniel Abbate of Nova Cancy has just thrown his white “The Who” T-shirt on the floor. He sits back down quickly–sweat pouring onto the shag carpet that he swears hasn’t been vacuumed in six months–and grips a set of long drumsticks, steamrolling his way into the Jerry Cantrell-meets-Chris Robinson melodic guitar pop goodness of “Summer Waiting.” Abbate is perhaps the most tenacious, ungodly fierce drummer in the Triangle, implanting massive Bonham-meets-Grohl fills and rolls into the contagious compositions–equally informed by Merseybeat inoculation and Seattle drive–of his young but experienced frontman, Justin Runyun. Older brother Nick Abbate lays back in the groove behind his bass, smiling as Serino–the rock star apparent of the bunch and the band’s one-time frontman–finds the perfect second guitar line. New and improved dense pop made by four guys who sincerely believe in the finished product; there is no vacancy here tonight. for details; 831-2300/831-9666 for tix. $6 over 21/$8 under.