Johnston County State Senator David Rouzer is running for congress in NC-7 and hopes to unseat Democratic incumbent Mike McIntyre in a district redrawn to be a little more GOP friendly.

Since he’s running for congress Rouzer is allowed to raise money for his federal campaign in ways not allowed a sitting North Carolina legislator. State legislators are forbidden to take contributions when the General Assembly is in session and are barred from ever receiving contributions from lobbyists.

Rouzer’s congressional campaign was able to do both and his first official federal campaign report shows a huge take in the first six weeks of his campaign.

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List of contributions

The report details 205,491 in contributions most of which came in September via more than 188,000 in individual contributions. So, who were those individuals?

The list in Rouzer’s filing, which covers contributions through September 30, is a who’s who in big ag in eastern NC. Hog producers like Wendel Murphy, tobacco farmers like Benson’s Lee family and the leadership of the Goldsboro Milling Company are among the farm interests on the list.

Also on the list are several lobbyists, mostly representing ag industries like the NC Pork Council’s Angela Meier and Tommy Stevens. Oh, and Rufus, too, wherever he fits in.

Although the individual contributions outpaced Rouzer’s take from PACs, there are still plenty of familiar names who jumped into with both feet, including the aforementioned NC Pork Council, NC Farm Bureau PAC, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina and trial attorney PAC Ward & Smith.

Rouzer is co-chair of the NC Senate’s Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources committee.

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