Senate Democrats filed a bill this afternoon to fully repeal HB 2, making good on vows to prioritize repealing the deeply unpopular and divisive bill this legislative session.

“It’s obvious we need to repeal HB 2,” said Senator Jeff Jackson (D-Mecklenburg), one of the bill’s three Democratic sponsors. “If we do it will be the biggest economic development deal of the year.”

The bill, however, will likely face an uphill battle. Today’s news comes after legislators failed to repeal the so-called bathroom bill in a contentious special session at the end of December, a peak moment of North Carolina political dysfunction. And the Democrats’ bill certainly faces a tough road ahead. Last week, Senate leader Phil Berger said he doesn’t believe there are enough votes for the outright repeal that the Democrats are proposing, and the bill won’t move forward without his support.

“I think the window for that compromise may not be open at this point, and I certainly don’t believe that the votes exist for an outright repeal without anything else,” Berger told Time Warner Cable News.