Do you love historical homes and do you love restoring them? Want to live in a bubble of antiques and caviar? (Kidding, kidding).

If you answered yes, then you, future homeowner, should bid on one of these historic homes in Raleigh’s Oakwood neighborhood that the state of North Carolina has put up for sale after basically just letting go to the dogs.

1. 401 North Person Street— the Lamar House—$415,000

2. 407 North Person Street—the Cambridge House—$405,000

3. 411 North Person Street—the Watson House—$285,000

4. 415 North Person Street—the Worth House—$255,000

5. 419 N. Person Street—the Gay House—$275,000

6. 215 East North Street—the Ashley House—$435,000

To place a bid on one of these beautiful, historic homes fill out one of these and mail it to the State Property Office at

116 W Jones St # 4055

Raleigh, NC 27603

Get there before the developers do!