Mel Watt’s district is all kinds of gerrymandered. Republicans packed it with Democratic and black voters back in 2011, when they were in charge of drawing new districts, which happens every ten years after a new census.

Packing is bad, because when you corral voters of one stripe into a single district that means there are fewer of them in the surrounding districts. In this case, that’s great for Republicans. And unless their 2011 districts are overturned in an ongoing court case, their comprehensive gerrymandering means that North Carolina may be run by Republicans for a long time to come.

Don’t believe me, liberal INDY Week reporter, about the gerrymandering? Here’s x…

Republicans argue they weren’t trying to gerrymander Watt’s district. They were just ensuring that enough black folks live there to be able to elect a candidate of their choice (product of voting rights act.

Mel Watts, who in case you missed the above picture is black, and the plaintiffs in the case call bullshit.

Here’s how Mel Watt tells the story: He and Sen. Bob Rucho, the architect of