Laura Fuentes y Calicanto perform Chilean music Wednesday night at 8 p.m. at The Trails clubhouse, six miles west of Chapel Hill. Fuentes, born in Chile to North American parents, was later exiled to the U.S. where she studied voice. She currently lives in Santiago with husband, Pedro Villagra, a member of Calicanto, and the flutist/saxophonist from the fabulous Andean pop band Inti-Illimani. The duo loves to answer audience questions and usually features at least one guest artist at shows. If you are curious to know what sounds a “sikus,” “quena” or “quenacho” make, or if you already love the soft combustion of panpipes, mandolin and guitars, don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear live South American folk music in an intimate setting. Call 942-5078 for tickets or more information. $10.