Under the protest of ten Republicans, the fifth special session of the year is under way, and the state is waiting with bated breath to see if the legislature will repeal HB 2.

Earlier today, Charlotte fully repealed its February 22 ordinance in full and didn’t attach the 12/31 deadline for HB 2 repeal:

Charlotte City Council set the fifth special session of the year in motion on Monday with the surprise repeal of a February ordinance that lets transgender people use the public bathroom of the gender with which they identify.

The city council, meeting early Wednesday, voted 7-2 to redo its Monday vote following reports that some legislators were unwilling to vote for a repeal of HB2 because the council did not repeal the entirety of its ordinance.

City officials insisted that Monday’s action had removed all provisions that legislators had objected to. “The City Council acted in good faith to do everything that it understood was necessary to facilitate the repeal of HB2,” the city said in a statement after the vote.

Right before the session officially got under way, Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest released a statement opposing HB 2 repeal: Sources tell the INDY that the Senate has the votes for repeal and that it’s up to the House. The N&O’s Craig Jarvis hears things aren’t so simple over there:

A source tells the INDY that the bill includes a caveat.

Source also says the Senate Dems want a clarification of HB169, which only partly restored the window to sue for employment discrimination. Indy Week (@indyweek) December 21, 2016