The General Assembly’s fourth special session of the year ended Friday as the House passed the SB 4, an electoral and judicial reform bill. The Senate also ratified SB 6 and SB 7, nominations to the Special Superior Court of Adam Conrad and Drew Heath, McCrory’s budget director, and the nomination of Yolanda Stith, wife of McCrory chief of staff Thomas Stith, to serve on the Industrial Commission.

Here’s the NC Democratic Party’s statement:

Meanwhile, the legislature also passed HB 17, which would require Senate approval of all cabinet appointments and transfer significant authority over education to the Superintendent of Public Instruction, who will be Republican Mark Johnson next year. As of press time, however, McCrory hasn’t yet signed it.

You can find a rundown of all of these bills, plus a few that didn’t make it, here.

GOP leaders earlier confirmed that the regulatory reform bill, HB 3, was not going to move. Neither will the puppy mill bill, an initiative championed by McCrory that would have regulated commercial dog breeders, a rumored bargaining chip to be exchanged for McCrory’s signature on other legislation. Other bills that didn’t move include HB 6, which would have taken the Department of Information Technology out of the cabinet and made it an independent office whose head would have been nominated by Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest.

Protests at the General Assembly continued today, with dozens of arrests made in both the morning and afternoon.