Apparently, Twitter isn’t for everyone … and state Senator Joyce Krawiec is learning that the hard way.

A few days ago, Krawiec, a Republican, thought it would be a good idea to post this. (The tweet was later deleted, but screenshots are forever.)
How did the women she insulted respond? Some took to social media to lay into Krawiec. Others, it seems, sent her lard.

You read that right.

Cases of lard are showing up at the senator’s Raleigh office.

From the N&O:

Amazon shoppers had sent at least 10 boxes of lard to the Yadkin County senator by Thursday morning. … On Amazon’s listing for 64-ounce containers of Armour Lard, a person identified as C. Yates wrote a review that said she sent lard to Krawiec because, “It represents my brain.”

For what it’s worth, Krawiec has apologized. “I apologize. I apologize. I was only talking to those who acted inappropriately. Forgive me Please. Twitter Lesson learned,” she tweeted Tuesday. Needless to say, her apology wasn’t accepted by many of those who showed up in Raleigh Saturday to show solidarity with the state’s female population.

So if you’re having a bad week, just remember: somebody is probably going to have it worse.