Cat’s CradleI’d invite Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox to a party. He’s a colorful, interesting and outspoken individual. But I wouldn’t want him to play any music at said party, for fear he’d put everyone to sleep. While Deerhunter’s breakthrough release, 2007’s Cryptograms, featured a chaotic abrasiveness to counterpoint the murky ethereal fuzz-pop, subsequent efforts excised the aggression and experimentalism in favor of meandering noise pop without so much as a sturdy hook to hang your hat on. The lulling textures melt into each other, and there’s a splattering of odd noise bobbing in and out of the drone-psych waves. It’s hardly enough to keep you awake, though. This is elevator music for art schools. Without the fawning press, it’s hard to believe anyone would listen, particularly if they’d ever heard Galaxie 500. If you want to meet nice people, pay $14 in advance or $16 at 9 p.m. and arrive early for this bill’s local treasures, Free Electric State and Schooner. See Chris Parker

PineCone Winter Fest Make-Up

Meymandi Concert Hall, Progress Energy CenterOn the snow-covered weekend of Jan. 30–31, the final score was 1-1, PineCone and Mother Nature tied with a goal each. Saturday’s show went on, but Sunday’s was scrapped for snow. There are rematches, though, so the second day of Winter Fest gets a second chance here. Three-quarters of the lineup remains intact: International Bluegrass Music Association trophy collectors Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper are still onboard, as are Dale Ann Bradley and headliners Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder. Claire Lynch and her ace band step in for Danny Paisley & the Southern Grass. Tickets are $45–$55 (with tickets from the 31st still honored), and the music starts at 2 p.m. See Rick Cornell