Public Policy Polling released its monthly survey of North Carolinians, and what they found about HB 2 will…not shock you:

Only 35% of voters in the state support the bill, to 44% who are opposed to it…50% of voters in the state would like to see it repealed, compared to only 38% who think it should stay on the books. That includes a 46/39 spread among independents in favor of repealing it.

Polling on the HB 2 has remained consistent since before the bill was even passed: back on March 22nd, the same organization found just 25 percent of respondents supported General Assembly overriding Charlotte’s law, while 51 percent said Charlotte should have the right to make its own laws without interference from the state.

The poll also found that the state’s top races are shaping up to be a dead heat: three are tied, while Democratic attorney general candidate Josh Stein has a slight one-point lead over Republican Buck “Keep Our Straight State” Newton. In the governor’s race, Pat McCrory and Roy Cooper each are sitting at forty-one percent, while Libertarian candidate J.J. Summerell has five percent.

The state government we have right now, meanwhile, continues to plunge further into unpopularity: twenty-four percent of self-described “moderates” approve of the job Pat McCrory is doing, while just nine percent of the same group (and nineteen percent overall) approve of whatever the hell the General Assembly is doing. Congratulations to Tim Moore and Phil Berger on making the state legislature almost as universally loathed as Congress.