And now, a track-by-track review of Three Torches’ Infernal Machine.1. Solomon. Minor-key desperation with nicotine stained fingers. Fantastically hollow piano from the Sleepies’ Andy Magowan.

2. Had A Good Reason. Smells like Dapper Dan pomade. If the Stray Cats hadn’t been so damn derivative, they might have sounded like this.

3. Ignorant’s Remains. Is it me, or does singer/guitarist Sean Murphy sound like Nick Cave without the perma-sneer? Murphy sells this song like a real-estate agent desperate to make his or her SUV payment.

4. Ghost of the Infernal Machine–Creepy Halloween-style interlude.

5. Boiler Room. Hernando’s Hideaway meets Reservoir Dogs.

6. Temptation. Pat Krivacka rocks the upright bass and the sound is heavy, heavy, heavy. Think dark, empty alley with slumping body in the corner.

7. Blanket of Her. Charles Bukowski would drink in a bar with this on the jukebox.

8. Chicken Bridge. Drummer Nate Stalfa holds it down on this syncopated homage to the Chatham County landmark. Listen up for Jimbo Mathus on trombone.

9. Charlie Girl. Just the right amount of reverb to make you feel morose.

10. Hemmin’ and Hawin’. Break out the straw boater and the bamboo cane. Ragtime strings on a hollow box.

11. Caravan. Yeah, that’s right. It’s that “Caravan.” Great update with Matt Bush on sax.

12. Bulletproof Bible. Grandiose closer with layered guitars, horns and a wonderfully creepy break. This disc is a must-have for twang fans looking for something fresh, deep and dark.