From the same guy who brought us that McCrory HB 2 remix
, here’s a totally real and completely unedited conversation between everyone’s favorite TV crank and our esteemed governor.

Daniel Cook, who made the video, said that it was his wife’s idea to make it an interview with Dr. Phil. He adds, “My intent isn’t to vilify Pat McCrory personally but rather to call attention to the absurdity of HB 2 and denounce discriminatory legislation in general. Plus, being an editor, I know first-hand how much people’s views can be manipulated by all forms of media, so part of this is to call attention to that fact by distorting reality in a very obvious way. These videos are lies, but at least they don’t pretend to be otherwise. Maybe a greater truth will be revealed along the way. I just wish people on all ‘sides’ would realize that people are people, and whether you understand them or not, just chill out and love each other. Also I appreciate the fact that we live in a country where I can do stuff like this without getting executed.”

Hey, we’re glad that he won’t be executed for this, too. Follow him on Twitter.