Carlie Huberman, who grew up in Boylan Heights and graduated from American University last month, is now in Australia. She’s on the first leg of a five-month backpacking adventure that will take her to enough different countries that, when she rattled them off, it made me dizzy.

Naturally, I thought of John Steinbeck’s Travels With Charley — though his explorations were across the U.S.

My travel plans this year include a jaunt to Carrboro this summer followed by Charlotte in September to see who’s protesting at the Democratic National Convention and why. (Yes, I am looking for sympathy.)

So Carlie, who majored in film production, put me on her distribution list for the short travel pieces she’ll be making and posting along the way. Her first, about 90 seconds, is from Melbourne and is about its street art. I like it a lot.

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