Well … we’re still here, so we might as well check out the headlines.

1) President Obama meets with “subdued” Trump in Oval Office.
A ninety minute conversation that unfolded inside the White House Thursday gave President Barack Obama hope that a man he, only a few days ago, characterized as unfit to lead the nation, would not be that bad. From the New York Times:

For years, Mr. Trump questioned Mr. Obama’s birthplace and legitimacy, branded the nation’s first black president weak and called his tenure a disaster.
On Thursday at the White House, the once-unimaginable happened: The two men met face to face for the first time for a 90-minute discussion in the Oval Office and shook hands, making a public show of putting their bitter differences aside.
“I want to emphasize to you, Mr. President-elect, that we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed, then the country succeeds,” Mr. Obama told Mr. Trump after the meeting as the two sat side by side two days after Mr. Trump’s stunning election upset imperiled Mr. Obama’s legacy. The president called the conversation “excellent” and said he had been “encouraged” by Mr. Trump’s interest in working with him and his team.

So what does one do after his first trip to the White House? He takes to Twitter, naturally.
Super glad that Melania liked “Mrs. O.”

2) Protests still unfolding across country. President-elect whines about them … then praises them?

Forget about preparing to lead the Free World. There is PLENTY of time to send tweets about people peacefully exercising their rights.
Let’s unwrap this tweet, because it’s loaded. It’s bad enough that the president-elect is STILL attacking the media. But to start whining about protests …. and using the words, “Very unfair!” is certainly not the show of strength one would expect from our next commander-in-chief. Well, somebody must have told him that because he got back on Twitter just a few hours ago.
3) Trump promised to “drain swamp,” yet turns to establishment.

Let the hypocrisy begin. It started with the voters who checked the box next to Trump’s name because they were “tired of career politicians” but re-elected guys like D.C. dinosaurs John McCain and Richard Burr. Then, the swamp drainer himself started naming his transition team and potential cabinet picks. From CNN:

Trump’s transition team is staffed with long-time Washington experts and lobbyists from K Street, think tanks and political offices.
It’s a far cry from Trump’s campaign, which ended only Tuesday night, and message that he would “drain the swamp” in Washington. He has advocated congressional term limits and proposed a “five-point plan for ethics reform” that included strengthening restrictions on lobbying, including five-year bans for members and staff of the executive branch and Congress from lobbying, and expanding the definition of lobbyist to prevent more revolving door activity.

So who are these guys?

Leaders in his transition include former Rep. Mike Rogers, former Reagan Attorney General and Heritage Foundation fellow Edwin Meese, former President of Heritage Edwin Feulner, former Bush administration official and lobbyist Christine Ciccone, former Dick Cheney adviser Ado Machida, former Senate Budget Committee staffer Eric Ueland and former Sen. Jeff Sessions’ chief of staff Rick Dearborn. The effort is chaired by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Trump counts former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Sessions as close advisers.

Wow. That’s SO anti-establishment. Way to shake up Washington, Donald.

4) Obamacare sign-ups surge.

Looks like a lot more people could lose their healthcare than we thought. From CNN:

Americans signed up for Obamacare in droves Wednesday, right after Donald Trump — who has vowed to dismantle the program — was elected President.
More than 100,000 selected plans through the federal Obamacare exchange, healthcare.gov, according to the Department of Health & Human Services. It was the busiest day since open enrollment began on Nov. 1, when around 95,000 signed up.
Administration officials are using the data point to promote the importance of Obamacare to Americans, trying to counter Republicans’ assertions that it is pricey and broken.

That’s it for now. Happy Veterans Day (thanks to those of you who have worn or still wear the nation’s uniform for your service and sacrifice).