What do you get when your state helps elect a president and then requests $900 million from his administration to help rebuild after one of the worst natural disasters in its history?

If you’re North Carolina, not much.

In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, Governor Cooper requested nearly a billion dollars from the Trump administration. Last month, Cooper announced in a press release this morning, he learned that the state would only receive $6.1 million—less than 1 percent of the ask.

“Families across Eastern North Carolina need help to rebuild and recover, and it is an incredible failure by the Trump Administration and Congressional leaders to turn their backs. Matthew was a historic storm and we are still working every day to help families return home and rebuild their communities. North Carolinians affected by this storm cannot be ignored by the Trump Administration and Congressional leadership, and I will continue to work with our Congressional delegation to get North Carolina residents affected by the storm the help they deserve.”

Cooper sought $166.6 million for housing repairs; $434 million to buy, elevate, and reconstruct nearly four thousand properties that are prone to flooding; $92.6 million for agriculture; $43 million to repair public facilities; $39 million to help small businesses; and $37 million for health and mental health services for people affected by the storm.

Almost none of that will get funded.

Here’s the letter Cooper sent to Trump, HUD secretary Ben Carson, and congressional leaders:
And page two:
Needless to say, the governor is not pleased. But being a welcoming North Carolinian, he did invite Congress to come check out the carnage. It remains to be seen if anyone will take him up on the offer.