your turn Nuclear Waste Site Expansion Protest, Sunday, April 30: Carolina Power & Light has plans to expand its nuclear-waste capacity at the Shearon Harris nuclear plant in Apex. Such an expansion would make the plant the nation’s largest high-level nuclear-waste site. Despite many calls for full disclosure on the scientific specifications of the expansion, CP&L has avoided formal hearings on many safety issues. N.C. WARN and the Coalition Against Nuclear Imports to the Triangle (CAN-IT) are pushing for public hearings to address experts’ warnings that expansion would increase the risk of nuclear disaster. While the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has recently recognized the plant’s potential dangers and postponed CP&L’s expansion, protesters are organizing a rally to mobilize the public to push for an end to the expansion altogether. The rally at Shearon Harris will take place on Sunday, April 30, at 4 p.m., and will feature speakers and music. Call 490-0747 for more information.