We’re a big state, so mounting a statewide TV advertising campaign is expensive — and until today the campaign against Amendment 1 couldn’t afford it. But with two weeks and a day until the May 8 primary (and with early voting already under way), it’s now or never. The good news is, it’s now. Two anti-Amendment 1 ads went up this morning in every TV market, and time’s been purchased to keep them on the air statewide for the next two weeks.

The other news is, the campaign needs a lot more money fast to buy enough time to make these ads work. More on the subject of money and tactics below.

[Update, 4/24: The new PPP survey shows Amendment 1 favored for passage by 14 points, but the margin is down and the momentum is with the opponents. Get the message out that the amendment would bar recognition of same-gender marriages and also civil unions and the margin swings the other way, with voters opposed by 8 points.]

The two ads underline the campaign’s strategy of not attacking Amendment 1 head-on, with a message that it’s time for equal rights for gays, but rather of ambushing it with arguments that Amendment 1 will hurt children and put victims of domestic violence in jeopardy.

Notice, for example, that the first ad glosses over the question whether the parents of the child who could lose health-insurance coverage are gay or straight — all we know from the ad is that the parents are unmarried:

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