Tomorrow morning, UE Local 150, the public service

workers union here in North Carolina, will go to the general assembly to

meet with and lobby legislators.

UE are a grassroots organized, rank-and-file union who have

cut their teeth on public sector, DHHS mental health workers and sanitation worker campaigns in the Triangle over the last 10 years.

They have been active and central participants in Moral Monday

events and recognize the intersectionality of issues that keep

organized labor down in North Carolina. State employees

wages have been stagnant since 2008.

UE 150 is going in to meet with legislators with an aggressive set of

demands—$3,000 raises for all state and city employees, the cessation

of using contract and temporary labor in Department of Health and Human

Services positions; UE 150 is concerned particularly about mandatory

overtime of workers at DHHS state-operated facilities.

“Besides my full-time job with the state,I have to work two other jobs just to pay my bills, “said

Johnny Askins, a DOT employee in Durham, “My wife is out of work on disability and I am struggling. We need a big raise.”

UE 150 will be lobbying legislators in the legislative

building tomorrow from 9 AM to noon.