Inspiration leads to inspiration for rock musicians, and that bond is never stronger than with women rockers. One artist is credited as an influence on another, who, in turn, becomes a personal idol to another phase of songwriters, guitarists and noisemakers. For “Cover Girls” on Saturday, Aug. 13 at the Cat’s Cradle, local female musicians nod to their forebears in a fun, spirited night of get-ups, get downs and hell yeahs. Among those artists chosen for reenactment: The Runaways (Pink Slips), Siouxie & The Banshees (Fashion Design), Fleetwood Mac (Polynya), The Supremes (The Young Idea) and the Eurythmics (teen band Voodoo Maddie). The show benefits Girls Leading in Arts & Music (GLAM).

As for the evening’s real stars–the girls rock campers–their inspiration comes from the tutelage of these local women and their music. These young ladies, age 12 to 16, will open the evening performing songs they wrote at the N.C. Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls in Durham hosted by instructors Amelia Burch and Abby Pearce. The chain of musicianship forges another link. The show starts at 7 p.m. and costs $6.