UNC burned 104,586.00 tons of coal at its cogeneration plan in 2009, public records show.

During the past five years, they’ve used 568.703 tons of coal purchased from eight mines all in Virginia or Kentucky.

You can access the data here. Next week’s Indy will feature an analysis of the mines and their practices.

Regina Stabile, director of institutional records and reporting compliance, filled our public records request Wednesday, the same day that our story on UNC coal use hit the stands. The request, which asked for the amount and cost of coal used each year since 2005 along with the name and location of the mines, was filed Jan. 29.

This is the second consecutive public records request that the university has filled on the same day that our paper was distributed. It took UNC seven weeks to turn over the records we wanted about the animal research facility in the Bingham Township.

The UNC Energy Task Force, a group commissioned to pursue more green-friendly energy creation and use on campus, met for the first time Wednesday. You can follow the group’s progress here.