Recently installed UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp yesterday moved not to renew the school’s three-month-old contract with Victoria’s Secret, reports The Daily Tar Heel. North Carolina was one of 31 universities that this spring agreed to allow the lingerie company the use of its logo for Pink, a line of sleepwear, loungewear and “intimate apparel.”

Astute observers of university policy will note that the school has for years allowed apparel companies known to use sweatshop labor use of the Tar Heel logo. Said Chancellor Thorp, “I saw the catalog they produced and didn’t believe the images were consistent with the values of the university in terms of the way they portray women.”

So, to review: Associating with companies who hire women to make clothing in sweatshops conditions good, associating with companies who hire women to work while wearing a scant of amount of clothing bad.