H/T to The Daily Tarheel, which reported yesterday that Elliot Cramer has stepped down as the faculty adviser of the ultra-right wing group, Youth for Western Civilization, per UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp’s request. Cramer has frequently written letters to the Indy; we have printed one about his opposing the Racial Justice Act and another about free speech and YWC, in which he states he offered to be the group’s faculty sponsor.

YWC has had a hard time keeping a faculty sponsor. UNC physics and astronomy professor Chris Clemens resigned as its sponsor earlier this summer. In an April interview with the Indy, Clemens admitted to not have read the group’s national charter before offering to the sponsor. He told the Indy he “hesitated at first,” due to Matheson’s focus on immigration, before sponsoring the group to foster a “diversity of opinion.”

Read the Indy’s coverage of YWC, including an interview with its UNC chapter president, Riley Matheson.

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