Like some kind of subterranean aviary, Chapel Hill’s cozy Cave caters to both early birds and night owls with its two-shows-per-night format. Take this Friday for example. At 7:30 p.m., you can catch Illinois-based psych-country singer, songwriter, and freelance mortician Dave Schultz and his band the Jubilee Songbirds (told you it was an aviary). And then at 10:30 p.m., Schultz disciple and Cave regular Joe Swank commandeers the stage with his Zen Pirates for a couple sets of what he refers to as “aggressive hillbilly music,” including plenty of tunes from the upcoming album Hank Williams Died For My Sins. On Saturday, Swank will be on hand for the early show, but this time as the ringmaster for amateur comedy night. Joined by Brian Barton, Swank will cohost, in his words, “a string of funny people–those thought to be funny and some who just rant in a humorous way.” The late show returns the focus to music courtesy of Richmond, Va.’s Rachel Nevadas and their early Who- and Kinks-honoring sound and locals Glory Fountain, who make folk-pop that’s so gorgeous it could make a stalactite weep. 968-9308 or for information. $3-$5.