Bora Zivkovic, scientist and blogs editor for Scientific American, has resigned from the magazine, according to a press release issued this afternoon.

The announcement reads in part:

Scientific American has an anti-harassment policy. We offer live and online anti-harassment training to those who manage employees. We’ve recently begun providing such training to individuals who work with freelancers and contractors as well. We take allegations, such as those that have appeared online this week, very seriously. When Monica Byrne contacted Scientific American a year ago, we investigated her report, offered the Company’s apologies and Ms. Byrne acknowledged in her blog that she was satisfied with our response. We were unaware of any additional allegations until this week.

Zivkovic, who lives near Pittsboro, has admitted to engaging in inappropriate and unwanted sexual advances toward Byrne. However, he claimed it was an isolated incident. In the last week, at least a half-dozen women have come forward with similar accounts of interactions with him.