Fahrenheit 9/11 got you worked up? Finally ready to save America and yourself from Daddy’s money? W.’s rolling eyes? The “Smoke ‘Em Out” mentality? If so, you probably want to be at Go! Room 4 in Carrboro for the Triangle’s only chance at the nationwide Rock and Awe tour, sponsored by the activists at redefeatbush.com, Bands Against Bush and The League of Independent Voters but coordinated by a squad of local volunteers that will be rocking, registering voters and passing out prizes to people in the audience. The line-up of Sorry About Dresden, des Ark, Cantwell Gomez & Jordan, and Boston’s The Lido Venice is downright exceptional in itself, but the fact that you can win tickets to Michael Moore’s latest or copies of Uncovered is icing on the cake. Call 969-1400 for more information.