The News and Observer reports that the Wake County Board of Commissioners is likely to decide today whether to contribute to the cost of a proposed housing development in one of Raleigh’s most historic poshest neighborhoods. The Community Alternative for Supportive Abodes (CASA) plans to convert 26 one bedroom units at the George’s Mews complex in the Glenwood-Brooklyn district into rent-controlled apartments for low-income workers and the disabled. Both the Raleigh City Council and the Community Housing and Revitilization Committee have already approved the project, but some neighborhood residents are not at all enthused at the prospect of living near a CASA site, arguing that adding another subsidized housing development in the neighborhood will reduce property values.

Others residents have been a tad less diplomatic.

“It goes contrary to the whole neighborhood,” said Brent Horton, 30, who lives in the Cameron Village Condominiums off St. Mary’s Street. “There are other places in Raleigh where that type of development could be placed.”

Erin Callahan, 33, a real estate broker who rents a nearby duplex, was more pointed.

“There are plenty of places in southeast Raleigh that could host something like this,” she said.

CASA’s option to buy the property expires Tuesday.