The Wake County GOP is currently raffling off three guns in order to raise some cash. In Trumpian language, the description reads, “Wake GOP is raffling off THREE great weapons. Celebrate the 2nd Amendment and support the Wake County Republican Party in the process. First Place Winner selects their prize from the three, Second Place Winner picks from the remaining two and Third Place Winner goes home with a GREAT weapon!”

Wake County Democratic Party chairman Brian Fitzsimmons caught wind of this, and sent a letter over to his counterpart at the Wake County GOP, John Bryant – along with three trigger locks for those shiny new weapons.

“We can save the debate about legislative gun control for another day, but in the meantime, I trust we can both acknowledge the dangers of ambivalence towards keeping guns safe in your home, no matter its intended use,” Fitzsimmons said in his letter to Bryant. “Consider this nothing more than an olive branch towards that goal.” Fitzsimmons also included a receipt for the purchase, and said he would be “happy for it to be considered an in-kind donation to the Wake Republicans from me personally.”

“For what it’s worth, John and I have always had a good relationship, as has been the case with the rest of his board,” Fitzsimmons said in his Facebook post. “Instead of focusing on our legislative differences (of which, admittedly, there are many), I figured it would be best to focus on what things we have in common when it comes to those guns.”