Democratic State Representatives Rosa Gill and Yvonne Holley predictably hold on to their seats in House Districts 33 and 38.

Gill secured 87 percent of the vote in her district against Republican challenger Perry Whitlock, who ran a non-existent campaign. Holley beat Republican challenger Joe Thompson—whose campaign was also invisible—with nearly 80 percent of the vote.

Republican Reps. Chris Malone, Nelson Dollar and Marilyn Avila held on to their seats comfortably in House Districts 35, 36 and 40. Malone beat Knightdale businessman Brian Mountcastle with 54 percent of the vote to Mountcastle’s 44 percent. Dollar beat Cary small business owner Lisa Baker, 54.36 percent to 45.64 percent. And Avila beat former Morrisville mayor/former Cary Town Council member Maragaret Broadwell by the same margin as Dollar/Baker.