A cadre of Occupy Wall Street marching from Washington, D.C., to Martin Luther King’s gravesite in Atlanta will reach Durham on Wednesday.

DCmarch2GA, also dubbed #Walkupy or Occupy the Highway, will spend two days in the Bull City resting and holding teach-ins after churning down Highway 70 from Raleigh.

The march reached the City of Oaks this weekend for a rally and demonstration at the State Capitol. Six were arrested for failing to disperse from the streets when directed by Raleigh police.

Members of Occupy Durham plan to join in the march as it approaches and departs from the city. They will welcome Walkupy with a potluck meal at 1 p.m. at CCB Plaza, renamed the “People’s Plaza” by Occupy Durham, and host an indoor sleepover at the Covenant Presbyterian Church, according to a press release.

From Durham, the group will head 13 miles down the road to Chapel Hill where it will take part in a Christmas Eve potluck and spend Christmas day.

The march started on Dec. 1 with 15 participants and will log 700 miles before reaching its destination.

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