You are from North Carolina and as such I respect you. Your outlaw origins in running moonshine are badass. But this is some patriotism-pandering, redneck bullshit:

Lt. Col. Oliver “Ollie” North—lead henchmen in the Iran-Contra scandal and Fox News commentator—is being presented the Stonewall Jackson Award at the Coca-Cola 600 in Charlotte this weekend.


In case you need a history refresher, the Iran-Contra scandal was rooted in Ronald Reagan’s philosophy to prop up any group—no matter how heinous—fighting against communist governments.


North’s role was to coordinate selling guns and missiles to Iran—which was prohibited under an arms embargo—and give the proceeds to the Nicaraguan Contras who were undertaking a brutal campaign to overthrow the Sandinista government.

In the end, it turns out North and Co. were hoping that selling arms to Iran would lead to that nation releasing seven American hostages. Remember NASCAR fans, as you’re cheering on Mr. North, “America never negotiates with terrorists.”


North was convicted of three felonies, which were later dismissed, because the evidence used to prosecute him was evidence he had additionally been offered immunity to present.

Of course, Charlotte Motor Speedway’s press release doesn’t mention any of that. Here’s all you need to know NASCAR fans:

For his unwavering support of the military, decades of service to his country and a continued commitment to service, the man whom President Ronald Reagan described as “an American hero” can add Stonewall Jackson Award winner to his long list of accolades.

Assigned to the National Security Council staff in the Reagan administration, North was the United States government’s counter-terrorism coordinator from 1983 until 1986 (when he was FIRED by Reagan.) He was involved in planning the rescue of 804 medical students on the island of Grenada and played a major role in the daring capture of the terrorists who hijacked the cruise ship Achille Lauro.

Given that North is an expert on political cover-ups, Fox recently featured North talking about Benghazi:

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