Welp, this is weird.

The News and Observer is reporting that Wayne Maiorano won’t seek reelection to Raleigh City Council’s District A seat, which he has occupied for only one term after defeating incumbent Randy Stagner by 250 votes in 2013.

Per the N&O:

“After considerable prayer and discussion with my family and close friends, I have decided to forgo my reelection campaign in order to devote more time to my family,” a Maiorano statement reads.

Stagner, who has intimated that he may run for the District A seat, said he is still undecided.

“A lot of it will be predicated on who’s looking to run in District A,” Stagner told the INDY Wednesday afternoon.

“If there is a good individual truly interested in the interests of my friends and neighbors in North Raleigh, I would be more than happy to step aside. If a good candidate cannot be found then I will probably file.”

Stagner added that he has not decided whether he will run at large.

This is quite the change of tune for Maiorano from two months ago.

Somehow, we doubt you’ve seen the last of Wayne Maiorano. Check back with the INDY’s news blog for updates to this story.