News out of North Carolina—usually embarrassing news—seems to be a daily feature at The New York Times.

“It’s Never Boring in North Carolina,” an op-ed published yesterday, highlights the enormous outside money that is being poured in to the U.S. Senate race and the draconian stances taken by social conservatives. The GOP’s punitive and persistent policies against the poor, women and gays and lesbians could tilt the election. People are fed up.

Yesterday evening, the NYT’s editor’s blog notes how ISIS has become the new wedge issue in the state. The piece criticizes Tillis’ hypocritical ad criticizing Hagan for skipping an ISIS hearing in Congress to attend a fundraiser (hilarious, considering Tillis missed votes in the legislature to romp around the state for his campaign).

“What’s really going on here is an attempt by Mr. Tillis to change the subject from Ms. Hagan’s effective attacks on him for the cuts he has made to education and women’s health services,” the piece reads, “and his leadership in trying to suppress the votes of minorities and other Democratic-leaning voters through a very strict voter ID measure.”

Well said.