The House is gearing up to roll out an economic development package next week, while the Senate was busy voting on (and passing!) a tax hike on middle class families.

Here are a few of the bills lawmakers in the General Assembly filed this week.

Senate Bill 49

Moore County Republican Sen. Jerry Tillman’s bill would require photo ID for curbside voters. Who uses curbside voting? The same people who would find obtaining a photo ID burdensome, including older and disabled people.

Senate Bill 72/House Bill 76
Democrats in both chambers filed bills this week to disapprove of the Mining and Energy Commission’s rules that will govern the implementation of fracking. The bill has been sent to the Committee on Commerce and Job Development.

Lee County residents and environmentalists rallied at Duke Energy’s proposed coal ash storage site in Sanford to kick off a three-day campaign against “dirty industry,” which will culminate at tomorrow’s HKonJ Moral Movement Mass March.

Senate Bill 78
This bill—sponsored by Senators Shirley Randleman, Buck Newton and Warren Daniel— would further expand conceal-carry laws, to allow off-duty correctional officers to carry their weapons around with them, provided they’re not drinking or using drugs.

Senate Bill 81
Dubbed the 2015 Toxic Free Kids Act, the bill would ban some of the most dangerous toxic chemicals used in common children’s products: bisphenol A (BPA), TRIS flame retardants and phthalates. The bill was sponsored by Sen. Stan Bingham (R-Davidson) “because it can be impossible for parents to tell the difference between toxic products and safe ones,” according to a press release from child advocacy group NC Child.

House Bill 78
House Democrats, again, have filed a bill that would legalize the medical use of marijuana. Rep. Kelly Alexander (Mecklenburg), again, is the primary sponsor of the bill. Thirteen other Democrats have added their names.

House Bill 89
House Democrats have filed their omnibus economic improvements bill, which includes reviving both the historic tax credits and the North Carolina film incentive.