Renee Ellmers is getting primaried pretty hard in the GOP race for North Carolina’s 2nd congressional district.

On one side of Ellmers, Kay Daly is blasting shotguns in the air and calling her a RINO, a feminazi and a child abuser.

Now the conservative Club for Growth Action Super PAC is about to spend $400,000 in North Carolina on TV, radio, and online spots to get former Chatham County GOP chairman Jim Duncan elected, Roll Call reports.

(There’s also a couple other white guys running.)

Today, the Club for Growth — which Mike Huckabee recently characterized as “a bunch of rich guys sitting around writing checks” — debuted its first attack ad against Ellmers.


It goes after her for voting to “increase the national debt by trillions,” voting for “massive corporate giveaways,” and — worst of all — her support of Big Sheep®: “She even fleeced us by wasting our money on projects like the Sheep Industry Improvement Center in Maine.” Cue sheep making a “baaaaa” sound. Then: “Renee Ellmers: Wayyyyyyy too liberal for North Carolina.”

Here, watch it:

What is this obscure Ellmers vote the Club for Growth dredged up?

In 2013, a Florida Congressman named Trey Radel discovered that the National Sheep Industry Improvement Center, a part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, receives $1 million in mandatory funding annually. To some people — and here I will raise my hand — the government spending $1 million a year of a nearly $1 trillion farm bill on sheep research might not seem particularly excessive. You will have to check my math, but I am pretty sure that is literally 1/1,000,000 of the total spent.

Before Radel got busted for cocaine and resigned from Congress a few months later, he was able to get an amendment passed in the House that eliminated the center’s funding. It ultimately went nowhere. But Ellmers opposed the amendment. The rich guys over at the Club for Growth apparently believe this is the way to take her down. And maybe they’re right!

We’ll see in about a month; the primary is March 15.