A few months ago, Durham took care of its “poop problem” by making it a finable offense for not picking up after your dog. To get the word out, Durham County put together the Canine Waste Student Artwork Contest, which sought art from kids that would help publicize the message. At the county commissioner’s meeting last night, the winner, Siri Oehler, a student at Durham Academy, was awarded a plaque and some applause from the board of commissioners. That’s her artwork, above, with the smiley face on the poop. Oehler was shy and didn’t have much to say about her creative process. All in due time.

We requested from Durham County’s public information office the other poop-themed drawings for the contest. The county only received three submissions in all. The other two are below.

Leavers are no good.

It’s true; she should have picked up the poop.

Oehler’s artwork will be displayed on outreach materials in the coming months. The ordinance will be enforced starting in September.