Some of the most inflammatory entries on N.C. Mining and Energy Commission Chairman Jim Womack’s blog—in which right-wingers posing as long-dead founding fathers take shots at their political enemies—are, as of this writing, down. The posts were among those cited in this week’s story, in which Womack was outed as an author.

Those posts included sharp attacks on former Lee County blogger Keith Clark, a Womack enemy, that labeled him a “psychopathic liar,” a “pitiful and desperate person,” “fat,” and a “freak.” One post, apparently written by former U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Jay, includes unproven allegations that Clark faked a mental illness in order to receive disability checks.

Don’t worry, you can’t see them there, but you can still see them below.

In the meantime, Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger, the lawmaker who appointed Womack to the pivotal Mining and Energy Commission, has yet to comment.