Holy Kucinich, Batman! Carrboro Mayor Mark Chilton is supporting Republican gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory, according to the McCrory campaign, which quotes Chilton as saying:

“I’ve never voted for a Republican before, but I am voting for Pat McCrory because I trust him to clean up state government and to restore integrity to our state transportation system. Pat will end political fundraising by DOT Board members and use careful planning to allocate North Carolina’s transportation resources.”

Admittedly, Bev Perdue is no picnic, but Michael Munger would be a better second option.

It is unclear how Chilton is reconciling McCrory’s hardline stance against illegal immigrants considering Carrboro is known for its support for Latinos, documented and otherwise; the town has refused to drink the 287(g) Kool-Aid, a federal program that provides funds and training to local cops to function as de facto border agents.