And now for something completely different on Christmas Day: Get out from the wrapping paper mess at home and come check out some left-of-center video and abstract music at Nightlight! LoVid is a NYC audio-visual group that work with some primitive homemade electronic equipment for great pixilated arty visuals. They’re a perfect accompaniment to Lustre, a new Carrboro sputter-and-feedback outfit, along with the digital freeform of ian_eth_ist, laptop tricksters Ethan Clauset, Isaac Trogdon, and friends. Then there’s the dark ambience of area musician Cold Electric Fire, worming his way into your ear-holes with theremin, tape loops and organ, for that special fuzzy warm blue Christmas vibe. Come enjoy the no-longer-closing Nightlight in all its splendor, and ring in the spirit of the season with these artistic folks. 9 p.m. $5. For info, 933-5550.