I’ve been meditating a lot in hopes of finding my bearings during difficult global times: unrest and unemployment, insecurity and injustice. I briefly entertained the idea that perhaps the asteroid that neared the Earth this fall should correct its course and make a beeline for this fragile, blue sphere.

And then I remember from stories my grandparents told me that there have always been hard timesand good times, too. That’s what Indy photographers D.L. Anderson and Jeremy M. Lange have so poetically documented: every day, quotidian moments that reveal what’s really importantfriends and family and the interconnectedness of humanity.

We’re not that different, each of us. And as you view these pictures I hope you’ll come to the same realization that I did: There is a lot to love about this life. And I’m quite relieved the asteroid passed us by. Lisa Sorg