When the ball drops in Times Square to usher in 2010, few people will mourn the passing of 2009. Millions of us lost our jobs and lost our health care. Some of us lost our homes. Most of us, at some point, felt like we had lost our way.

Yet when our troubles seem larger than lifeand doubtless, sometimes they arewe can forget the quiet moments that whisper to us: Don’t give up. All things must pass.

Indy photographers D.L. Anderson and Jeremy M. Lange captured the emotional scope of 2009: joy, sorrow, exuberance, and anxiety. They witnessedand reminded our readersthat despite what’s being played out on the larger world stage, everyday life goes on in living rooms and diners, tobacco fields and swimming pools, courthouses and convention halls.

It was a tough year, but we made it.

Now, 2009: Goodbye, good riddance and get the hell out of here. Lisa Sorg