In our paper two weeks ago, writer Cy Neff took a deep dive into the Bolin Creek controversy that has engulfed Carrboro and Chapel Hill residents and elected officials for more than a decade. We received the following message from Carrboro Town Council candidate Jason Merrill, who says he is “pro-density and deeply skeptical of developers, especially the large, out-of-state developers that have been plopping garbage buildings all over the Triangle”:

I really appreciated the recent article about the Bolin Creek Greenway because I felt like it was a fair assessment of where we’ve been and where we’re at with a decision that has been surprisingly contentious. Of course, I wouldn’t be writing if I didn’t have a nit to pick so I want to apologize in advance for being “that guy”. 🙂

I feel that the characterization of the current Carrboro Town Council as “pro-development” is unnecessarily divisive and inaccurate. It would be more accurate to say that they’re actively trying to address the housing affordability crisis, which is a complicated problem that will require a variety of treatments to solve. Part of the solution will be finding ways to increase the supply of naturally occurring affordable housing. Carrboro has been anti-development and anti-density for decades and those attitudes and ordinances have played a major role in the scarcity of high quality affordable housing that we’re dealing with today. The larger question we now must answer is whether we want to slam the door closed in the face of the people behind us who are seeking the same opportunities that we found here, or if we want to hold the door open and make a little more room at the table to share what we love about this place?

Also in our last paper, we bade farewell to staff writer Thomasi McDonald (or McDonald bade farewell to us in his own words in a goodbye column titled “I’m Out, Yo”). Readers told us they will miss McDonald (we all will, too!) as he starts his new job in communications at Duke: 

From reader Kathy M.:

Just to say I’ll miss your words. Maybe your old readers will have access to your new words at Duke’s communications office, but if not, maybe the new readers there will provide you with enough time and money to write a book for all of us. 

From reader Pam C.:

I’ve read your work at the Indy with much appreciation over the years. Never written a letter, so sorry to learn you’re gone, wish you all good things! 

Hope this doesn’t sound rude, but I’m hoping you will write for the chronicle. 

From reader Burrell W.

I’m a 69 yo mother of 3 adult children! I am proud of my kids but the Mother in me just can’t pass up the opportunity to praise one more! I read, “I’m Out, Yo”. It touched me in a special kinda way!

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