“The Crooked News Network! The Crooked News Network! The Crooked News Network!”

You almost feel bad for the CNN reporter, who is trying to interview someone in the midst of hundreds of screaming Bernie or Bust enthusiasts. It’s Sunday afternoon, a little after two, and she’s here, like I am, to cover a rally staged in the sweltering heat in front of Philadelphia’s Municipal Services building, only to find that the crowd disdainful of her presence.

“Show the guy who’s really doing the work!” one man yells at her, gesturing toward the street, where Billy Taylor, the thirty-one-year-old executive director of the activist group Philly.FYI, is speaking on a small riser.

“About time you cover the revolution, CNN!” shouts another.

“CNN sucks!”

“About damn time!”

A man in an orange shirt and wide-brimmed New York Yankees hat starts the mocking refrain; within a few seconds, a dozen or so gathered nearby have joined him, heckling her with chants of “The Crooked News Network!” loud enough to be heard over the din of the crowd.

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