In 2005, Durham produced 6.8 million tons of greenhouse gases, the main contributor to global warming. That’s equivalent to 28 tons per person, nearly 15 percent above the national average.

The city has commissioned a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory and Local Action Plan, which sets goals for reductions by 2030. The public can learn more about the plan at a forum Thursday, June 21, at 6 p.m., in City Council Chambers, Mangum Street and City Hall Plaza. Download the report here (PDF, 851 KB) or at The plan proposes that citizens reduce their emissions by 30 percent and city government by half over 20 years. The document also lists the amount of energy used by each city facility: City Hall consumed 5.9 million kilowatt hours of electricity in 2005; the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, 2.1 million. That should make the case for more day games.