The eleven-foot-eight overpass near Brightleaf Square known around these parts as the Can Opener Bridge, which has sheared off the tops of more than a hundred trucks over the years, will soon open no more cans.

It’s the end of an era, Durham. 

The Durham Transportation Department this week announced on Twitter this week that the N.C. Railroad Overpass at Gregson Street will be closed to traffic from October 23 to November 5 in order to raise the structure.

Officials say southbound traffic on Gregson will be detoured onto Morgan, Main, and Chapel Hill Streets, as well as Buchanan Boulevard. Businesses and parking will remain accessible during the construction period.

Naturally, Twitter lit up with comments from those who’ve witnessed firsthand what happens when the unsuspecting truck drivers fail to heed the yellow warning signs and flashing traffic alerts.

“Lower in instead…while playing Limbo music,” one Joseph Zambon wrote on Twitter.

Who knew it was a landmark even to outsiders?

Finally, @computergeek, with a eulogy:

So as it goes away forever, let’s give our beloved Can Opener the sendoff it deserves. From the folks at, here’s a compilation of truck after truck slamming into the damn overpass, and driver after driver saying the same word: “Fuck.”

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