State Senate, District 18
Democrat: Sarah Crawford

Angela Bridgman and Sarah Crawford have similar platforms focused on education, health care, and fighting gerrymandering. This was a tough choice; they’d both be great, progressive representatives, and Bridgman would have the added bonus of being the first trans woman to serve in the General Assembly. But Crawford has stronger local connections, which would be an asset in the legislature, and her campaign has generated more buzz. By a whisker, we’re picking her.

Republican: None of these

Scott McKaig is anti-abortion and anti-Medicaid. Larry Norman’s platform is vague, other than the occasional mention of God and a general loathing of big government. There’s nothing here that appeals to us.

State House, District 33
Democrat: Antoine Marshall

Rosa Gill has served this district for 11 years, and we’ve supported her. But in our questionnaire this year, she told us that trans people should not be eligible for gender dysphoria treatments under the State Health Plan, and—while we appreciate her advocacy for schools—we can do better. Antoine Marshall has less experience, but he’s also passionate—and not quite as behind the times.

State House, District 35
Republican: None of these

Fred Von Canon calls himself a common-sense conservative, capitalist, constitutionalist, and Christian. He does not elaborate on what that means. And we could find nothing about Alma Peters or why she’s running. Meh.

State House, District 36
Republican: None of these

Kimberlie Coley and Gilberto Pagan both identify themselves as pro-life candidates. If there’s one thing the world doesn’t need, it’s more politicians messing with uteruses.

State House, District 37
Republican: Anna Powell

Erin Pare is a strong supporter of voter ID, and Jeffrey Moore is a Trumportunist. Both are anti-choice and come across as, shall we say, a little unhinged. Anna Powell, on the other hand, is focused on jobs and education. Fine.

State House, District 38
Democrat: Abe Jones

Abe Jones is a former judge and an established player in the local political scene. Quanta Edwards is a newcomer who didn’t elaborate much on her platform. Jones supports gun safety, gender equality, and wants to put policies in place to combat domestic violence. He gets the nod.

District Court 10B, Seat 3
Democrat: Tiffanie Meyers

Tiffanie Meyers seems like a genuine badass who overcame a lot of adversity to get to where she is. Based on her life experience, we think she’d bring a nuanced perspective to the bench.

District Court 10F, Seat 3
Democrat: Damion McCullers

Damion McCullers is a progressive thinker who believes in restorative justice, which is something we’d like to see more of in North Carolina.

Board of Commissioners, District 1
Democrat: Sig Hutchinson

In the 2018 primary, Sig Hutchinson lost allies John Burns and Erv Portman over the controversial Crooked Creek deal. But that didn’t scare him off taking bold stances, like backing RDU’s quarry deal with Wake Stone. A foremost parks advocate, Hutchinson adds balance to the board, and his presence will be vital as commissioners work through their transit plans.

Board of Commissioners, District 3
Democrat: Maria Cervania

Jessica Holmes is running for labor commissioner, which frees up this District 3 seat. We think Maria Cervania is best suited to replace her. A well-rounded progressive with a big vision on transit, she also has a record of working on LGBTQ and women’s rights issues.

Register of Deeds
Democrat: Tammy Brunner

We rescinded our decision to endorse Bill Madden. Read our statement on the decision here.

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10 replies on “The INDY’s Endorsements for Local and State Races in Wake County”

  1. As Wake County Commissioner, Sig Hutchinson has operated behind closed doors in cahoots with the RDUAA authority representatives to destroy the recreational amenities (Crabtree County Park, Odd Felows and 286) that border Umstead State Park. This land has been enjoyed by the pubic for generations, Sig is not showing bold leadership, he is digging a hole and abandoning the public interest. RDUAA has more than a fiduciary duty, it also has a duty to protect public health, the environment, and to be a good neighbor.

  2. Unfortunately Sig has moved his stance from supporter of bike trails to supporter of Wake Stone and pro quarry. He has accepted money from Wake Stone and now wants us to all get behind the deal. Shame Sig. Shame. Confess. Shame.

  3. Sig is not making friends with many people who enjoy the rare gem of Umstead Park and Odd Fellows tract. Sad to see Indy is promoting ruining public land for private interest.

  4. Have you seen where he caused such a scene at an early voting station that the police had to be called? Literally cussed out a worker. Hard pass.

  5. Sig is for the quarry. His “new plan” Is nothing new. Same old ideas with no real meat on the bones.

  6. Sig was elected in the past on his “green” standing. He has abandoned it in favor of Wake Stone’s quarry. The love of power and the persuasion of money destroy all but the purest of politicians.

  7. Parks first, I suppose, unless there’s a forest to blow up. Then parks second.

  8. Wow. You got that wrong. Sig only looks out for Sig. Sig is pro-quarry on a very vital piece of forest bordered by Umstead State Park, Lake Crabtree, Crabtree Creek and East Coast Greenway.

  9. Backing the quarry is a “bold stance” for a pro-environmental candidate? Okay…

  10. I hate to say but the Indy got it wrong here! Anyone who would favor a quarry next to beloved Umstead State Park is NOT pro-environment! Sig has taken significant money from BOTH Wakestone AND Hanson Aggregates. Not ONE but TWO Quarries! It looks like Sig is the silver-tongued devil that tells you what you want to hear and then does something else. Where was the Indy’s investigative reporting on this?

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