Name as it appears on the ballot: Dave Hall

Age: 56

Party affiliation: Democrat

Campaign website:

Occupation & employer: District Court Judge (Judicial District 14 – Durham) Employed by The State of North Carolina

1) Please tell us what in your record as a public official or private citizen demonstrates your ability to be effective, fair, and impartial on the bench? Please be specific.

My life experiences are broad, having been married for over 30 years, the father of three, working with various and diverse non-profits from Seeds to Southern Coalition for Social Justice, my educational background includes, art, business, law, and trades. I’ve been an indigent defense attorney, a victim of violent gun crime as well as helped thousands address the collateral consequences of contact with the criminal legal system. As a judge for the past three plus years, I’ve had to confront and make decisions that were effective, fair, and impartial. Every day we are presented with cases and facts that challenge our conscience, humanity, and ability to remain fair and impartial. I believe that I am handling the challenge well, evidenced by the endorsements and community support that I have received thus far in the 2022 election cycle.

2) How do you define yourself politically? How does that impact your judicial approach?

I have always been a registered Democrat. My judicial approach or philosophy is not impacted by partisan politics. As a Judge, my political affiliation has no place inside of the courtroom. I was elected to preside over cases according to the laws of the state and our constitution, not to inject any political views into the courtroom or my rulings.

3) What do you believe are the three most important qualities a judge must have to be an effective jurist? Which judges, past or present, do you most admire? Why?

1) Demeanor 2) Empathy 3) Knowledge of the law This question calls for an exhaustive list. Last election cycle (2018) I listed local judges that had an influence on me personally. However, this year I’d like to focus on the accomplishments of our next Supreme Court Justice, The Honorable Ketanji Brown Jackson. As we all know she will be our first Black woman Supreme Court Justice. I am overwhelmed with pride and admiration of her accomplishments on a difficult road. Her poise, demeanor, and professionalism during her confirmation hearing was nothing short of pure excellence. Judge Jackson showed us what it looks like to stand on the shoulders of those that came before us. Nothing short of the tenacity and fight reminiscent of Harriet Tubman, Ida B Wells, The Tuskegee Airmen, and all those who broke ceilings and paved the way for others to follow behind.

4) In a sentence, how would you define your judicial philosophy?

My judicial philosophy is to apply the law in a fair, just, and equitable manner, seeking accountability and opportunity and adhering to the North Carolina Code of Judicial Conduct.

5) Do you favor or oppose public financing of judicial elections? What changes to North Carolina’s system of judicial elections do you believe are necessary, if any?

I believe there are models of public financing that would remove financial barriers to political office thereby allowing a larger pool of qualified candidates to seek office.

I believe we need to remove political partisanship from our judicial elections. The Judiciary does not need to be nor should it be partisan. The judiciary should avoid even the appearance of our decisions being based on any type of partisanship or political bias.

6) In many cases, voters know very little about the judges they are electing. Tell us something about yourself that our readers may be surprised to learn.

People may be surprised to learn that I have been a community activist since the 1980’s, I have a law degree and an MBA, that I am a victim of gun violence, and that I was a civil rights attorney. Further, I grew up working in my father’s autobody shop and like to work on old cars and motorcycles.

7) What sets you apart from the other candidates in this race?

First, as the incumbent, I have experience in the position of Judge. I have proven that I have the proper demeanor, temperament, and ability to ensure equitable outcomes. I have a unique and distinct set of work and life experiences that not only set me apart but provide a unique lens from which to serve.