Voters can select two individuals as their picks to join the Soil and Water Conservation District board as supervisors. Of the four candidates, we’re endorsing Natalie Murdock and Laura Marie Davis, who both hold seats as associate supervisors. A third candidate, David Harris, is an appointed board supervisor; the fourth candidate is Jason Watson.

We believe Murdock—with experience in local government, budgeting, and transportation planning—has a breadth of skills that will allow her to take a holistic view of this role. She has demonstrated deep knowledge of the issues, both financial and environmental, facing the district. We endorse her for one of the two seats.

Both Harris and Davis would make good picks for the second seat. Harris has relevant experience with the Upper Neuse River Basin Association and the North Carolina Association of Conservation Districts. Davis is an environmental scientist with experience in community engagement and in local government through her appointment to Durham’s Environmental Affairs Board. For that unique perspective, we’re backing Davis.