Mayor: Jenn Weaver (inc. commissioner)

Confidence Level: High

Other Candidates: N/A

After fourteen years, Tom Stevens has opted not to seek an eighth term as mayor. The mayor pro tem, Jenn Weaver, is running unopposed to replace him. As is typical of Hillsborough elections, you don’t get much of a choice. But Weaver, a former public policy researcher with progressive ideas on housing and sustainability, will make a good mayor. 

Board of Commissioners: Mark Bell (inc.), Matt Hughes (inc.), Evelyn Lloyd (inc.)

Confidence Level: High

Other Candidates: Kevin Mason

Kevin Mason, the co-owner of The Accidental Baker, says he is running to give Hillsborough voters options, as everyone else on the ballot is an incumbent. That’s admirable—and the competition is very welcome. But that alone isn’t a compelling reason to make a change. 

Evelyn Lloyd is the board’s voice of experience, having served Hillsborough since 1991; her institutional knowledge will prove vital as the town’s department heads retire. Matt Hughes provides youth, vigor, and a progressive perspective. Mark Bell wants to continue focusing on affordability and equity amid rapid growth. 

They all deserve re-election.

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One reply on “Endorsements 2019: In Hillsborough, Re-elect the Incumbents”

  1. Regarding your snippy “As is typical of Hillsborough elections, you don’t get much of a choice” comments: Hillborough’s population, while growing, is still barely over seven thousand people, so the pool is small. Furthermore, last I looked the Mayor gets 7 thousand a year, only one thousand more than commissioners. Commissioners have to attend a minimum of 25 long, long meetings a year and attend a TON of events. The Mayor is everywhere, attending openings of new businesses, all six weeks of Hillsborough Academy, and countless other events. It is a highly time-consuming job that is really only doable for a very few. It is a miracle that we have such incredibly well-qualified people doing the hard work of making decisions about our vibrant little Town given that it is practically a pro-bono job in which your only bonus is a kick in the pants. Thanks to all of them.

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