Here”s the INDY’s 2020 Primary Voting Guide in short form. You can also download a pdf here.

6 replies on “INDY Week’s Primary Endorsement 2020 Voting Guide”

  1. Sig Hutchinson is no longer the “green” candidate, vote for Jeremiah Pierce for Wake County Commissioner! Sig is for greenways, but not for preserving open space and he is PRO QUARRY (controversial RDU quarry) Don’t vote Sig, vote Jeremiah! Read up on him he’s great!

  2. All we need is the Senate to sign a treaty with Canada extending their Medicare for all to citizens of both countries. Just consider that economy of scale.

    Bernie calls himself “socialist”, but in terms of “government ownership of the means of production” he’s not. He is “socialist” only as an American political buzzword. See “President Truman defines SOCIALISM…”

    He also has the best chance to beat Trump, as DP nominee. He has broadest and deepest appeal across the entire US, based on how many little donors he has and where they live. Compare the maps…

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